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Rua de Aveiro - 1º andar | Edifício Palácio - Sala 103 4900-495 198 VIANA DO CASTELO VIANA DO CASTELO, Portugal
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Arquitecto Rui Torre
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Since the beginning of the activity, we understood Architecture and its design as a part of a broader landscape, which includes other projects and other areas of knowledge.

Skills for the execution of projects of any functional type, ranging from housing to industry, as well as hotel / tourism and commerce related requests.

The services provided include the specialties projects (structure, water supply, sewage drainage, etc.) and the participation of other experts from diverse areas of knowledge such as - home automation, solar energy, geothermal energy, ventilation, ecological / sustainable materials, energy consumption management, etc.

We have accumulated experience, which associated to the human resources allows us to prepare technical studies, expert reports and opinions that perhaps you may request.

We have technical and human resources for the works' management and supervision.
The cabinet also has human resources to develop existing buildings' surveys for further project work - rehabilitation, conversion and restoration. We have also installed ability to draw up surveys of parcels with any size.

With focus on better preparation of the construction phase, the cabinet has also the capacity to make measurements and budgeting of drawn up plans.