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Besides the chosen materials and the simplicity and rationality of the design, the total construction area is the main factor that affects the cost of the building.

Did you know that exists anti-mosquito paint? 

Did you know that there are mosaics 3 meters long and only 3mm thick?

The placement of solar panels to produce hot water enables the reduction of the energy bill by about 50% (depending on the fuel type).

A construction is inherently energy consuming, but it can also generate and produce some. One of several possible sources is the Trombe wall.

The energy class of a dwelling (Class A, A +, B, C, ...) is defined by the client, in consensus with the architect and the remaining design team.

The speech, technically correct, that a home is a Living Being, which waxes and wanes depending on the household needs, is not compatible with the choices made whilst choosing the philosophy of construction and materials adopted, nor with the legal regulations currently in use (national or local government), since it is extremely delicate to reverse existing situations - lack rationality, standardization, economy, sustainability, etc.

Home automation is a discipline that, supported by technology, allows you to create comfort in the use of a certain space and simultaneously save financial resources.

Did you know that for bioclimatic architecture, all interior spaces of a building should be facing south.

How to reconcile the widespread idea that a house will last a lifetime, with its adaptability to technological change and new developments that are constantly emerging?

There are many good examples of projects that harmonize the tradition in existing buildings with modernity and rationality of the new ...